Another Earth

Another Earth

Directed by: Mike Cahill
92 minutes

New England Premiere

Rhoda Williams (co-writer Brit Marling) has just been accepted at MIT to study astrophysics and has her whole life ahead of her. John Burroughs (William Mapother, Ethan from Lost) is a noted composer about to have his second child with his loving wife. While the world is entranced by the discovery of a duplicate Earth, Rhoda’s and John’s lives become tragically intertwined.

The film is evocative of other recent, low-budget science fiction films like MOON, in that characters and storytelling take precedence over special effects. The relationship between the two leads is the focus, but the prospect of an alternate planet, potentially home to alternate selves, looms at the edges of the story. Like the best science fiction, ANOTHER EARTH uses a fantastical setting to ask questions that confront us in the here and now: Could a new world provide redemption? Or was that within us all along?

—Brian Tamm