Fanny, Annie & Danny

Fanny, Annie & Danny

Directed by: Chris Brown
82 minutes

New England Premiere

It’s Christmas Eve. Obsessive-compulsive Fanny is afraid to tell her family that she has just lost the factory job she’s had for the last twenty years. Her sister Annie has secretly begun to suspect that her boss wants to replace her, as well, and that her fiancé is more interested in smoking pot than in planning the beautiful wedding she envisions. Their brother Danny, the darling of the family, has just been accused of embezzlement. And all of this is about to converge at the family’s Christmas dinner, which their mother has decided will be absolutely perfect—even if it kills them.

In this black comedy, director Chris Brown captures the havoc wreaked when one member of a family demands perfection and the others are only human. In fact, without exception, the film’s characters are all deeply flawed, which allows the audience to relate to them even as their situations become increasingly absurd. With a hilariously accurate sense of how family members can make each other’s lives miserable, FANNY, ANNIE & DANNY takes the discomfort and tension to their darkest conclusion.

—Kristina Aikens