The Mulberry Tree

The Mulberry Tree

Directed by: Mark Heller
88 minutes

New England Premiere

With only one month to go in his parole, Mickey (Louis Crugnali, The Sopranos) is stuck in the past, reliving the night he crashed a stolen car while intoxicated and killed his best friend. His one outlet is a community college creative-writing class. When his teacher gives the class an assignment to write about someone they don’t know but find interesting, Mickey initiates a relationship with Sam (Joe Morton, The Good Wife), an ailing convicted murderer who has been transferred to the hospital where Mickey does community service.

As Mickey and Sam slowly get to know each other, they ponder the choices they’ve made, the circumstances that led to those choices, and the consequences of their actions. Mickey also meets Maria (Daniella Alonso, Friday Night Lights), who represents a potential future for him just as his belligerent father (John Fiore, Brotherhood) represents his self-destructive past. But as Mickey grows through the contemplative time he spends with Sam and the hope he finds in Maria, he also begins to understand and forgive the father he has battled for years.

Shot entirely in Rhode Island, THE MULBERRY TREE draws from actor/screenwriter Crugnali’s background growing up in the area.

—Kristina Aikens