Directed by: Michael Tully
79 minutes

New England Premiere

It’s been 18 years since Cornelius Rawlings (director Michael Tully) ran away from his family’s farm, leaving brothers Ezra (Robert Longstreet) and Amos (Onur Tukel) with no clue as to his whereabouts. His return is equally abrupt. Pious and stubbornly positive Ezra is thrilled to have “the boys” together again under his roof. After all, sullen Amos offers little in the way of company; he spends his time holed up in the barn, creating a steady stream of fantastically obscene paintings that are not available for purchase. Unfortunately, Cornelius refuses to satisfy his brothers’ curiosity about his time away. He says little and disappears during the day, hustling an array of pickup sports to fund his no-frills escapist vices.

When the farm’s septic tank malfunctions aggressively, Ezra summons local plumber Red “Rooster” Rippington (Mark Darby Robinson), a shifty figure from the Rawlings’ past who is mysteriously accompanied by a pretty young girl of no relation (Rachel Korine; MISTER LONELY, IFFBoston 2008). Just as Amos begins to unravel the puzzle of personal interconnections, a stranger in leather walks through the front door... and offers to solve all of the Rawlings’ problems in one wild night.

Equal parts funny and unsettling, SEPTIEN is an ambitious meditation on brotherhood, manhood, athleticism, and art.

—Sandra L. Frey