Directed by: Michael Barnett
82 minutes

East Coast Premiere

They patrol the dark alleyways and litter-covered sidewalks of America’s cities, wearing spandex and body armor. Real-life superheroes are everyday people who have taken it upon themselves to defend others against crime. In this film, director Michael Barnett follows several of these caped, masked, and very human crusaders, uncovering the surprising motivations behind their quests.

Real-life superheroes chase down muggers. They hand out meals and supplies to homeless people. They battle the apathy of daily city life—the fear that makes people turn away when they see a drug dealer holding court at a local playground. But are they vigilantes? Nerds? Troubled souls? Rescuers? All of the above?

Everyone has a take on why these eccentric do-gooders put themselves at risk of ridicule and bodily harm to help others—and why they wear costumes to do it. Including funny and insightful interviews with a police officer, a psychologist, and legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, SUPERHEROES celebrates an underground community bursting with courage and goofiness.

—Anya Weber