2 Days In New York

2 Days In New York

Directed by: Julie Delpy
91 minutes

New England Premiere

Julie Delpy’s dizzy, farcical follow-up to her effervescent 2007 directorial debut 2 DAYS IN PARIS picks up stateside, a few years later, where Delpy’s neurotic photographer Marion has settled down with affable public-radio host Mingus (Chris Rock), along with their children from past relationships.

But such domestic tranquillity is put to the test upon the arrival of Marion’s family. Her dad (Delpy’s real-life father Albert) is a boisterous fellow of hearty appetites and an aversion to personal hygiene, who also happens not to speak a word of English. Marion’s slatternly sister (co-screenwriter Alexia Landau) immediately starts putting the moves on Mingus despite the unwelcome, surprise presence of her loutish boyfriend Manu (Alexandre Nahon), who thinks nothing of clipping his toenails at the dinner table and trying to buy weed in front of the kids.

Delpy nimbly orchestrates the jumbled, screwball chaos, eliciting a surprisingly understated performance from Rock as the exasperated straight man. (Mingus often retreats to his office and seeks advice from a cardboard cutout of president Obama.) 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK is funny and wise about the ways in which family gatherings can bring out our best and worst selves.

—Vincent Archer