Directed by: Matt Ruskin
75 minutes

East Coast Premiere

Breaking many of the stereotypes of typical Boston crime stories, BOOSTER is not about mobsters or that last big score. BOOSTER is a quieter, more intimate story about people barely getting by and constantly looking over their shoulders to avoid getting caught for petty crimes, not realizing they’re already trapped in their own circumstances. It’s also about young people with a deep love and respect for their elders, and how this commitment potentially conflicts with their own senses of self and the world.

Simon makes a living by selling the goods he shoplifts. Every day, he visits his senile grandmother in a retirement home. There, he befriends Harold (Seymour Cassel), whose gentle appearance belies his rough background as an alcoholic and a booster himself. Simon’s brother, Sean, is a drug addict whose behavior is far more reckless than Simon’s. When Sean gets arrested for armed robbery, he demands that Simon commit several similar crimes in order to establish reasonable doubt about Sean’s guilt. Torn between his loyalty to his brother and his own moral standards, Simon struggles to figure out how to help Sean without hurting anyone else.

Shot entirely in the Boston area, BOOSTER also features local actors such as Nico Stone, who won Special Jury Recognition for a Performance at the SXSW Film Festival for his portrayal of Simon.

—Kristina Aikens