Directed by: Jonathan Lisecki
89 minutes

New England Premiere

2012 Special Jury Prize Winner

Prompted by the adoption plans of her judgmental sister, Jenn (Jenn Harris) decides that it is time to conceive a baby of her own. A yoga instructor in her thirties, she decides that it is not feasible to wait for the perfect mate; hence, she will enlist her best friend since college, Matt (Matthew Wilkas), a comic book store manager who recently separated from his longtime boyfriend. Matt agrees because he, too, would like to have a child and views this as an opportunity for him to achieve parenthood as a single gay male. The plan seems simple enough until Jenn reveals the bombshell: she would like to conceive “the old-fashioned way.”

Jenn and Matt continue to struggle with the ennui of their stagnant careers and the obvious impediment to their arrangement—Matt’s disinterest in heterosexual sex—which leads to awkward, perfunctory, and hilarious attempts at intercourse between the two friends. All the while, both Jenn and Matt navigate the difficulties of being a single people reentering the dating world.

GAYBY is the feature-length expansion of the award-winning short film of the same title by director Jonathan Lisecki. It serves as a modern farce and chronicles both the complications of gestation for Jenn and Matt and the loneliness and insecurity that confront these Brooklynites as they carve out a nontraditional family and become better adults. Not only does this film have heart, it delivers laughs—many of which are provided by Lisecki himself, who appears in a scene-stealing performance as Matt’s sassy friend Nelson, serving as a witty, snarky chorus for the events that transpire.

—Callista Burns