Nobody Walks

Nobody Walks

Directed by: Ry Russo Young
85 minutes

New England Premiere

Artistic filmmaker Martine (Olivia Thirlby; THE ANSWER MAN, IFFBoston 2009) arrives in sunny, vibrant Los Angeles at the invitation of Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED), an old friend of her mother’s. At Julie’s request, her husband Peter (John Krasinski, The Office) has agreed to help Martine with the sound production for her piece on insects before her upcoming gallery exhibition. Their bright, airy Silver Lake home is a relaxed, inspiring setting for Martine to learn new production techniques and realize her vision.

But L.A. is a city that almost seems to run on allure, both physical and artistic—and unfortunately, the line between the two blurs all too easily. In spite of their seemingly breezy and tranquil family life, Julie, Peter, and their soulful 16-year-old daughter Kolt (India Ennenga, Treme) are no less susceptible to distraction and desire than anyone else. And Martine, for all her focus and ambition, has a way of getting under people’s skin without even trying.

Director Ry Russo-Young last graced IFFBoston as an actress in HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS (2007). She now returns with the sophisticated and sexually charged NOBODY WALKS, co-written with fellow IFFBoston alum Lena Dunham (TINY FURNITURE, 2010).

—Sandra L. Frey