OK, Good

OK, Good

Directed by: Daniel Martinico
79 minutes

East Coast Premiere

In the opening scene of OK, GOOD, four men stand against a blank background as a voice off-camera commands them to turn to the left and to the right. It seems like a lineup or a series of mug shots—until all four men begin to lather their faces with imaginary soap. The motifs of entrapment and absurdity in this scene provide a perfect introduction to the themes pervading this clever film.

Paul Kaplan is a struggling actor. He dutifully memorizes soulless lines for humiliating commercial auditions, pretends to be an animal in his acting classes, and scrutinizes his headshots to make sure they’re perfect. But slowly, almost imperceptibly, the daily rejections and minute frustrations begin threatening to make him crack.

Director Daniel Martinico establishes Paul’s world through a series of repeated patterns. Just as the patterns begin to have a hypnotic effect, Martinico introduces small disruptions: the sound from one scene blends into the next, or Paul’s behavior in one situation inappropriately spills over into another. The overall result is a hilarious, unique portrait of how close we all are to going over the edge.

—Kristina Aikens