One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Directed by: Elisabeth Sperling & Trish Dalton
74 minutes

New England Premiere

This spirited documentary takes us behind the curtains of the “24 Hour Musicals,” an annual New York City event that brings together directors, choreographers, composers, musicians, and actors from the Broadway stage to write, design, and debut four fifteen-minute musicals in—you guessed it—a mere 24 hours. The pressure mounts as we follow the 2009 cast and crew, who battle writer’s block, performance anxiety, and sleep deprivation to deliver high-energy, laughter- and tears-producing performances to a full house. Featured in the film are well-known actors such as Saturday Night Live’s Rachel Dratch, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Wicked’s Mandy Gonzalez, as well as Emmy Award-winning composer Lance Horne and Tony Award-winning director Ted Sperling.

Co-directed by Elisabeth Sperling and Trish Dalton, ONE NIGHT STAND provides a unique lens through which to view the artistic process from start to finish. The condensed time frame within which both the performers and the documentarians operate lends a sense of spontaneity to the film that is simultaneously unnerving and refreshing, inviting the viewer to experience both the anxieties and the thrills of the live performance.

—Amy Woodbury Tease