Directed by: Alex Karpovsky
82 minutes

New England Premiere

Boston filmmaker Alex Karpovsky has contributed multiple films to past IFFBoston line-ups (THE HOLE STORY, 2005; WOODPECKER, 2008), but this new one is something different: a sexually charged, slow-burn thriller co-written with fellow IFFBoston alum Garth Donovan (PHILLIP THE FOSSIL, 2010) and set at a lab in Boston’s growing biotech community.

RUBBERNECK thrusts us immediately into an uncomfortable holiday party, where the rumpled Paul (Karpovsky) surprises himself by taking home his sexy co-worker Danielle. After an intimate night of sex and conversation, however, it becomes clear that Danielle isn’t interested in anything permanent with Paul. After some initial desperate advances, Paul keeps his outward appearance calm—but, inside, his fixation on her grows. Making matters worse, Danielle transfers her attentions to a handsome new researcher in the lab, and Paul begins to be consumed by jealousy. As his obsession grows, he becomes more unhinged, and a confrontation with Danielle seems inevitable.

Filmed in and around Boston, RUBBERNECK is a character study of a man pushed to the edge by his own desires and insecurities. A smart script, flashes of humor, and stunning cinematography by Beecher Cotton keep us on the edge ourselves as, minute by minute, the tension mounts and the film draws ever closer to its own dark end.

—Ned Hinkle