See Girl Run

See Girl Run

Directed by: Nate Meyer
89 minutes

New England Premiere

Doggie-daycare owner Emmie (Robin Tunney, The Mentalist) is becoming uncomfortably aware that our youthful what-if questions do not have a shelf life. The comforts of her adulthood—a good husband, her own business—have become, well, too comfortable. As her mind wanders, it heads straight for Jason.

He was the great love of her high school years, the one who of course got away—and, technically, the pair never broke up. Technically. Now Emmie feels she owes it to herself to take a break from all this adulthood and chase the maybe. This entails packing up her small box of adorable young-love mementos and returning to her childhood home, where she enlists her depressive brother Brandon (Jeremy Strong, THE ROMANTICS) in her poorly formed stalking plans.

Meanwhile, Jason (Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation) is a patiently starving artist with an affinity for frogs who earns his pocket money in a lobster shack and thinks back on his high school days just as fondly as his former counterpart does. His lingering affection for Emmie is easily commuted to camaraderie with the suffering Brandon, who is in sorry need of some social stimulation.

Somehow, though, proximity to Jason has only heightened Emmie’s sense of conflict. As her blind-sided husband Graham (Josh Hamilton, KICKING AND SCREAMING) tries desperately to track her down, one thing becomes clear: Emmie can’t solve her problems until she has decided once and for all what they are.

—Sandra L. Frey