Sleepwalk With Me

Sleepwalk With Me

Directed by: Mike Birbiglia
80 minutes

East Coast Premiere

2012 Opening Night Film

Adapted from his acclaimed off-Broadway show and book of essays, Mike Birbiglia’s SLEEPWALK WITH ME is a charming, smart, and hilarious exploration of relationships, art, and the often-difficult prospect of facing reality. Fans of Birbiglia’s show or This American Life stories will enjoy seeing their translation to film, which Birbiglia, and co-writer/producer Ira Glass achieve with agility by breaking the fourth wall at crucial moments and allowing Birbiglia to serve as a guide within the story. Meanwhile, newcomers will be delighted by Birbiglia’s self-deprecating and poignantly honest humor.

Matt (Birbiglia) is a struggling comedian, which means he’s really a bartender. His adorable girlfriend (Lauren Ambrose, Six Feet Under) wants to get married, but despite having dated her for eight years, he’s just not ready to commit. To top it all off, he’s recently developed a disturbing and increasingly hazardous propensity for extreme somnambulism. When he starts to tap into these personal experiences for his comedy material, he finally begins to make audiences laugh—but revealing the source of his new success to those closest to him seems like a dangerous prospect. SLEEPWALK WITH ME features Carol Kane (Taxi) and James Rebhorn (Homeland) as Matt’s parents and cameos by The Daily Show contributors Wyatt Cenac and Kristen Schaal.

—Kristina Aikens