Sun Don’t Shine

Sun Don’t Shine

Directed by: Amy Seimetz
82 minutes

New England Premiere

Actress Amy Seimetz’s (TINY FURNITURE, IFFBoston 2010) directorial debut enigmatically begins with a young couple, Crystal (Kate Lyn Sheil, who stars in V/H/S, also screening in the Festival) and Leo (Kentucker Audley), who are engaged in a scuffle in the remote Florida wetlands, far from possible witnesses. After the violence of their brawl subsides, the two return to their quiet, tense road trip to Tampa, attempting to flee from recent events.

Their sojourn slowly unravels the sinister situation that contributed to their clash. The past gradually seeps in, suffocating their already-tenuous relationship.

Propelled by Sheil’s and Audley’s commanding, remarkable performances and accentuated by composer Ben Lovett’s haunting soundtrack, Seimetz’s steadily directed film utilizes the unrelentingly scorching, humid landscape of Central Florida to express the profoundly unsettling tumult of these troubled lovers.

—Callista Burns