Think Of Me

Think Of Me

Directed by: Bryan Wizemann
103 minutes

New England Premiere

2012 Grand Jury Prize Winner

Life in Las Vegas is anything but glitzy or glamorous for single mother Angela Jerome (Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under, also appearing in Opening Night film SLEEPWALK WITH ME). Perpetually waiting on child support, she scrapes together wages from various thankless jobs in a strained effort to create a moderately stable home life for her eight-year-old daughter Sunny (Audrey Scott). No matter her good intentions, though, Angela’s vices worm their way into her routine and her wallet—among them, the occasional gamble on get-rich-quick pipe dreams. Meanwhile, she can’t afford a phone, and her car is living on borrowed time. It seems as though the harder Angela tries, the more things end up falling through the cracks: fresh food, decent shoes, babysitters, even reading lessons for the academically struggling Sunny.

Through a casual acquaintanceship with her call-center coworker Max (Dylan Baker, HAPPINESS), Angela meets Max’s sister, Louise (Penelope Ann Miller; THE ARTIST, IFFBoston Screening Series 2011), whose interest in Angela’s little family is undeniable. Long-hardened instincts prompt Angela to keep these potential new friends at arm’s length, putting all of her faith and more energy than she can spare into an investment opportunity that her boss has offered her. He tells her it’s a sure thing. Still, the only thing that seems truly certain is that a reckoning is coming. How much more must Angela sacrifice to give Sunny the life she deserves?

Ambrose was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her wrenching performance in this bluntly affecting drama from writer/director Bryan Wizemann (FILM MAKES US HAPPY, IFFBoston 2008).

—Sandra L. Frey