We’re Not Broke

We’re Not Broke

Directed by: Karin Hayes & Victoria Bruce
81 minutes

New England Premiere

This polemic documentary puts forth a fairly straightforward argument: that our nation’s debt crisis could easily be solved by closing corporate tax loopholes. To support their case, filmmakers Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce interview scores of experts, including tax attorneys, economists, law professors, and finance journalists. Together, they explain how common—and legal—tax-evasion practices such as offshore banking and transfer pricing have allowed virtually every major corporation, from Bank of America to Pfizer to Google, to pay nothing in taxes—sometimes less than nothing.

What sets this film apart from other exposés is that Hayes and Bruce intersperse their expert testimonial with a parallel story of a number of first-time activists who find each other through social-networking sites and join forces to protest corporate tax evasion. Calling itself US Uncut, the group attracts members across boundaries of geography, race, gender, and class. As the group’s staged protests and clever, high-profile pranks gain more media attention, the momentum continues to build and grow into a little movement called Occupy Wall Street. By following these grassroots activists from the dawn of their political consciousness, WE’RE NOT BROKE provides hope and action for the average citizen in the midst of a seemingly overwhelming situation.

—Kristina Aikens