Good Ol’ Freda

Good Ol’ Freda

Directed by: Ryan White
90 minutes

New England Premiere

At the same time he signed on as manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein offered a job to a 17-year-old secretary from Liverpool named Freda Kelly. At the time, the Beatles were an unknown local band, and Freda was a young fan frequenting the Cavern Club after getting off work in a secretarial pool. Little did she know that she had chanced into a dream job that any girl her age would have given her eyeteeth for. Among other duties, Freda started the official Beatles Fan Club and, for the next 11 years, wrote the monthly newsletter and handled massive amounts of fan correspondence. Although she was privy to all kinds of inside information, she had never told her story until now.

Director Ryan White (PELADA, IFFBoston 2010) delivers a fresh perspective on the Beatles phenomenon and stories you’ve never heard before—from an insider’s look at how their families coped with the Beatles’ success to the time this humble secretary told off an arrogant John Lennon. But it’s also a tribute to fandom itself and, particularly, to the much-maligned female fans who recognized the Beatles’ early talent and made them famous. As a fan herself, Freda identified with these young women and went to extreme lengths to give them what they wanted—even by hiding the truths that could mar their fantasies, and thus helping to craft the image and legend of the Beatles.

—Kristina Aikens