Laurence Anyways

Laurence Anyways

Directed by: Xavier Dolan
161 minutes

New England Premiere

It’s 1989, and 30-year-old high school teacher Laurence Alia has an important announcement to make: from now on, he’ll be living his life as a woman. But before he can tell anyone else, he must explain his decision to his girlfriend of two years, Fred.

For Fred, this comes as a shock. Yet the bond between the two, bolstered by their contempt for anything mainstream or conventional, inspires her to stay with Laurence through his transition. This of course means rebelling against her disapproving family. And Laurence’s family. And his colleagues at school. And even strangers they encounter daily. Challenged to defy society in a way they’ve never had to before, can this pair of lovers stay together when everyone around them is trying to tear them apart?

Spanning decades, this unconventional, epic love story is told with audacious style and emotional depth. Sumptuous, even experimental visual imagery, buoyed by gorgeous cinematography, conveys the lovers’ turbulent emotions. Meanwhile, Melvil Poupaud and Suzanne Clément deliver deeply moving performances as Laurence and Fred, who drift apart only to be drawn, again and again, back together.

—Kristina Aikens