2012 The 10th Annual
Independent Film Festival Boston:
April 25–May 2, 2012

2012 Festival Jury Members

Narrative Features

Nat Sanders
Nat Sanders is a film editor who cut the critically-acclaimed MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY (IFFBoston 2008), nominated for three Independent Spirit awards, and the Sundance Jury Prize-winning HumpdaY (IFFBoston Screening Series 2009), recipient of the John Cassavetes Independent Spirit award. In 2009, Nat was named one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine. Recent credits include OUR IDIOT BROTHER, THE FREEBIE (IFFBoston 2010), ON THE ICE (IFFBoston 2011), and Lynn Shelton’s YOUR SISTER’S SISTER (IFFBoston 2012).
Jenn Murphy
Jenn Murphy lives in Los Angeles and is a programmer for AFI FEST. She is also programming assistant for the Los Angeles Film Festival and was recently named Director of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Jenn was the Program Director for the New Orleans Film Society and New Orleans Film Festival.
Kim Voynar
Kim Voynar is a film critic and columnist for Movie City News, “Hollywood’s Homepage,” and was previously Managing Editor and Film Festivals Editor for Cinematical/AOL. She recently wrote, directed and produced her first short film, Bunker, and is currently working on the script for her first feature.

Documentary Features

Chico Colvard
Chico Colvard received his J.D. from Boston College Law School and now teaches “race, law & media” related courses at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is a former Filmmaker-in-Residence at WGBH in Boston, and a recent Sundance Institute Creative Producing Fellow. His feature directorial debut, FAMILY AFFAIR (IFFBoston 2010 Audience Award for Documentary) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and aired nationally on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.
Jarred Alterman
Jarred Alterman premiered his first film, MOTT MUSIC, a short documentary about a piano factory in the Bronx, at the 2005 SXSW Film Festival. He is also an award-winning cinematographer who collaborates with the artists Charles Atlas and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. His second film, CONVENTO, was higly acclaimed on the festival circuit and won the IFFBoston 2010 Special Jury Prize for Documentary.
George Kachadorian
George Kachadorian lives on a 236 foot yacht purchased with the proceeds from his most recent independent documentary film SHOOTING BEAUTY (IFFBoston 2009 Audience Award for Documentary). Despite incessant hounding by the press and the obligations of the A-list social scene, George has adapted to the rather pampered station our culture reserves for its indie filmmakers. On occasion, he leaves the ship (via helipad) to produce and edit television programs, largely because he enjoys spending time on land. Also, it allows him exposure to another one of his true passions: stock music.


Evan Glodell
Evan Glodell began pursuing his filmmaking dream as a cinematographer on the feature-length horror film PLACEBO and the short film SAVANNA. BELLFLOWER (IFFBoston 2011), his directorial debut, was nominated for numerous awards and was released theatrically. He has already written a series of feature-length screenplays to follow BELLFLOWER called Tales From The Apocalypse.
Scott Teems
Scott Teems is a writer-director born and raised in Lilburn, Georgia. His credits include A DEATH IN THE WOODS (IFFBoston 2007), and THAT EVENING SUN (IFFBoston 2009). His screenplay for the latter film won the Emerging Narrative Screenplay Award at the IFP Market. Scott is also a successful commercial director, helming popular viral video campaigns for corporations such as IBM, Cisco, KB Home and the Walt Disney Company.
Alec Hammond
Alec Hammond is a Yale-educated Production Designer. His work includes the films DONNIE DARKO, THE CONTENDER, THE INVENTION OF LYING, RED, and the upcoming R.I.P.D which was shot in Boston and will be released in Summer 2013.