About Us


Program Director: Adam Roffman
Managing Director: Nancy Campbell
Managing Director: Christine Harbaugh
Managing Director: Dan McCallum
Managing Director: Brian Tamm
Associate Director: Judy Wong

Festival Coordinator: Tania Lemos-Eskin
Box Office Manager: Kristin DeMaio
Event Coordinator: Cheryl DalPozzal
Technical Director: John Quackenbush

Print Traffic Coordinator: Ivy Moylan
Assistant Print Traffic: Gabe Moylan

Lead Copy Editor: Sandra Frey
Lead Writer: Kristina Aikens
Graphic Designer: Maria Lee
Staff Assistant: Julian Eskin

Hospitality Coordinators

Patrick Tuck
Robyn Provost
Sam Provost

Lounge Staff

Matt Bargar
Kimberly Higgins
Mary Wozniak

Festival Operations

Natasha Boltukhova
Anne Continelli
Hannah Foell
Naomi Greenfield
Adam Jones
Jake Liman
Jillian Maryonovich
Bryan Murray
Paul Tritter
Nigel Simon
Tom Smith
Jeff Weir


Vincent Archer
Daniel Barnum-Swett
Chris Kriofske
Kyle Parrish
Bradley Searles
Lauren Ryder
Anya Weber

Volunteer Captains

Jean Bentley
Benjamin Bruno
Beth Caldwell
Beth Curran
Heather Eades
Dorothy Fennell
Tonya Grimes
Nancy Howell
Kendra McLaughlin
Isaure Mignotte
Courtney O’Connell
Katie O’Connell
Scott Oxholm
Dyana Weissman

Board Members

Scott Bleier
Dayna Grayson
Joe Januszewski
Nathaniel Stinnett

Advisory Board

Dylan Baker
Jean-Philippe Boucicaut
Sarah Eaton
Eran Lobel
Bob Odenkirk
Lili Taylor


Scott Moomaw
Jason Redmond


In 2002, two guys sat around their office saying, “We should start a film festival.” The idea was to create a festival that would showcase the best independent films from around the world—a festival that would bring directors, actors, producers, sponsors, and attendees together in an interactive environment. There were other film festivals in Boston, but there wasn't a mainstream independent film festival inclusive of everything that made up the film-festival experience.

The Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston) shows films that people might not get a chance to see anywhere else, films that are both innovative and crowd-pleasing. It offers the chance to meet the filmmakers at post-screening parties, and to ask them questions both after the films and at festival panels.

The festival is a selection of American movies made outside the Hollywood studio system, and International films, with a mix of narrative features and documentaries, short films, including animation and experimental genres.

The success of IFFBoston can be attributed to the hard-working, passionate, and completely volunteer staff that puts in time year-round. It's also thanks to our 200+ volunteers who join us during Festival week, our sponsors, our venues, and our community. And the success of IFFBoston is largely due to an audience that had long wanted and waited for just this kind of festival and continues to support it.